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Dec 5, 2009

ArtPizzaz & Audrey Hepburn

Each time I look at an Audrey Hepburn painting, I cannot help being mesmerized by the vivaciousness it exudes. There is a certain quality in the painting that is rarely seen in other oil paintings I have come across. It seems to come alive. I must also mention that this seems to be the case with all Audrey Hepburn art that I happen to see. Am I infatuated with Audrey? Or is it something about the lady herself that gives the paintings this ‘life’ like quality?

I still remember buying my first Audrey Hepburn pop art from an artist in Canada. That was a time when the great lady was alive. I still own that painting. And each time I look at it, it takes me back in time.

Today, at Artpizzaz, we try to recreate the magic with our own league of artists who try to capture Audrey with all her grace in a series of oil paintings. Her various moods, her alluring persona, the good old days, her classics from the silver screen, we have the best of Audrey Hepburn art that money can buy for you.

Custom work at Artpizzaz

Rather than copying existing artwork, our artists have their own rendition of Audrey. Characterized by different styles, brush strokes and use of colors, each Audrey Hepburn painting that we have is like a window to the yesteryears. And, we are also open to custom work. If there is a classic photograph of Audrey taken by one of the photographic greats like Leo Fuchs, then we can recreate it on canvas in any size that you would like.

Why Audrey Hepburn oil paintings?

It is extremely common to own oil paintings of reigning superstars or sportsmen. But it is extremely rare to own a painting of a real life icon who ruled the roost no matter where she went. Visit the Artpizzaz gallery and check out some of the Audrey Hepburn Pop art that we have. I am sure that you will be impressed.

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